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You can reserve the pit space you need now by following these instructions – and by encouraging your fellow drivers to get pre-registered for the event as soon as possible.

If you know EXACTLY how much space you will need for your pit spot, please fax – or email – a complete drawing/request to the TPKC office ASAP – and by May 24th at the latest. The fax number is 832-932-1451, email is , and what to include on your drawing/request is described below. Emails will be replied to with confirmation upon receipt.)

The price for pit spots will again be just $20.00 for a 10'W X 40'D. $15.00 for a 10' X 30', $10.00 for a 10' X 20'. The paddock area will be mostly made up of spots that are 10'W x 40'D and a few 10'W x 20'D, so your drawing should reflect multiples of these areas.

Here are the items to include on your pit request drawing:
•Full layout – with dimensions in feet – of your total pit area. PLEASE BE EXACT, AND DO NOT REQUEST MORE SPACE THAN YOU TRULY NEED. You will likely not be able to add space when you arrive.
•Include where tents will go, trailers, E-Z ups, VIP area, etc.
•Include space for trailer tongue and doors, and room for loading/unloading.
•Include a team name and a list of the drivers that will be pitting in the spot. NOTE: All drivers MUST be registered for the race before we will confirm your pit spot.
•Include your name and best daytime contact info (phone and email).Tell us whether or not you'll be renting a tent, bringing your own, or both.

NO RV or passenger vehicles will be allowed in the pits.

We will be in touch to confirm each pit reservation submitted, and will secure payment with you, when we have you placed on the pit map. NOTE: The event/class sponsors will receive priority pit spot placement, so all other pit spots will be confirmed after the sponsors have been assigned to/located on the pit map.

RV Reservations Needed
RV parking/camping on-site for this event will be available for a flat $50.00 per vehicle starting Thursday, May 30th. If you are planning to camp in an RV at this event, please email or fax the size of the space you will need, your approximate arrival date/time, which driver or team you are affiliated with, and your best daytime contact info to the SKUSA office, so that we may make parking and payment arrangements with you directly. Parking for overnight camping is limited, and RVs will most likely be parked separate from the general pit area.

Pit move-in will begin on Thursday morning, May 30th and must be complete by end of day, as the event starts Friday morning, May 31st at 7:45 am with a mandatory driver's meeting. (Big rigs may park starting at 8am on Thursday; general parking starts at 9am. No move-in will be allowed on Wednesday.)
Move out will begin after the Finals on Sunday evening. All trailers will need to be out of the pits by end of day Monday, June 3rd.

SKUSA Number Panels

SKUSA classes require SKUSA number panels.

texas prokart challenge series number plate tag junior
View the Race Number Panels page for more info.