• Tech Update for TPKC Round 3 @ Gulf Coast Kartway

    Effective for the GCKI race only, AIRBOXES (silencers) are mandatory for all S1, S2, S3, S4 and S4SM shifter karts on track at anytime (practice and race days) at the facility. The Airbox must be in stock form with NO MODIFICATIONS to the box or the inlet tubes. Airboxes may have up to 3 inlet tubes, each not to exceed 29mm +- 1mm inside diameter and 95mm minimum length.

    These airboxes can be purchased at your local Kart Shop.

  • TPKC Round 3 @ Gulf Coast Karters Info

    Registration is now open for Round 3 at Gulf Coast Karters, Inc. June 10-11, 2017

    PIT Parking Requests - Send request to:
    Subject line: TPKC Pit Parking GCKI

    Spaces available:

    • 10 x 50 along the pit runner, with electricity - $50 each
    • 10 x 30 between the pit runners, with electricity - $50 each
    • 10 x 40 off the runner, no electricity - $50 flat fee

    Pit fee’s will be collected on Sunday.
    Include the following

    1. Dimensions needed ____ X ____
    2. Pit drawing w/ measurements, if possible
    3. The name of each registered racer pitting with you.
    4. A contact phone number.

    Priority is given in order the requests are received, so don’t wait!

    Gulf Coast Karters is hosting the 3rd Round of the Texas ProKart Challenge Series Saturday, June 10 – Sunday, June 11 and is in need of the following workers. If you are interested in being a part of the TPKC staff for the weekend and want a front row seat to some of the best regional kart racing in the area, please contact the TPKC Race Director,

    Neal Strickland at 903-268-3028 or email .

    Saturday, June 10 – 7am to 5pm
    Sunday, June 11 – 7am to 5pm

    $125 per day - Lunch provided each day